The Crimson Pact: Volume 2 is here! Also: the Volume 1 sampler!

The Crimson Pact: Volume 2 has arrived! You can pick up the ebook for only $4.99, which includes a story by me, “A More Ideal Vessel,” which is a sequel to the story that appeared in Volume 1. The story is a stand-alone tale so you don’t need to read Volume 1 in order to enjoy it, though the first story will give you a bit more background.

If you still haven’t picked up Volume 1, the publisher of The Crimson Pact series had a great idea: why not sell a few stories from each volume as a teaser? Bargain-hunters and those who want a taste without buying a full volume can now purchase a sampler of four stories from Volume 1 (including mine!) for only $.99! Click here to read my story “An Ideal Vessel” and three others for less than the cost of a breakfast sandwich!

75% of all the profits of The Crimson Pact books, including the sampler, go directly to the authors. This is staggering when compared to the tiny 25% most publishers offer. If you’re looking for a really, really inexpensive way to read some good horror, support a small publisher, and give money to writers who will love you for it, this is a great way to do it.

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