September Deadlines

These deadlines are, as always, Submitter Beware, because I can’t vouch for any of these publishers. This is basically just a place for me to deposit deadlines to which I would like to submit work, so all the markets are paying (usually at least $.01 a word) and accept electronic submissions. They’re all genre markets of some kind (horror, science fiction, steampunk, fantasy).

Penumbra Magazine Sports & Games Issue – September 15

“Bland to Grand” Flash Fiction Contest –  September 30

Columbus, Ohio anthology – October 7

Paramourtal 2 – October 31

Penumbra Magazine Shakespeare Issue – October 31

Penumbra Magazine Steampunk Issue – November 15

Redneck Zombies from Outer Space– December 31

Dark Highlands Anthology (April) – December 31

Horror Library, Volume 5– open until filled

10flash January 2012 issue: “It’s the end of the world as we know it” – begins accepting fiction on October 1, open until filled

The Mothman Chronicles – July 1, 2012

KZINE (genre fiction Kindle magazine) – ongoing

Mixer Publishing – ongoing

Brain Harvest – ongoing

Shroud Magazine – ongoing

Apex Magazine – ongoing

Please be sure to check Duotrope Digest, Ralan, and Dark Markets for more publications looking for submissions. This list is by no means exhaustive. Oh, and don’t forget to check posts from previous months (they’re all categorized under “Upcoming Deadlines”) for publications that are still open.

Edit (September 2): Some deadlines I missed the first time around:

Apocalypse Hope – September 30

Evolved Short Story Contest –  September 15

Enchanted Conversation: Little Red Riding Hood Issue – September 27-30

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