And for my next trick…

You might’ve noticed that I haven’t been updating the blog much the last few weeks. That’s because I’ve been finishing up a couple of really hardcore classes, and I haven’t had time for much of anything but studying. One class ended right before GenCon, however, and the other ends on Tuesday, August 23.

Then I have an entire quarter of freedom. I do have one small, three-week field experience to complete, but other than that I will be taking no classes whatsoever until after Xmas.

Here’s what to expect starting next week:

  • Nonfiction articles on various topics
  • New stories (I hope)
  • My thoughts on the novel writing process as I endure my first attempt
  • Book reviews–so many book reviews

I’m just excited about having a little free time, a little time when I can read for pleasure and write what I enjoy and see friends and create crafty things.  I’m so excited I could cry.

But for now I must descend back into the world of biology…

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